Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards

Do You Monitor the Limit of Detection of Your Molecular Assays?
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Horizon Diagnostics is committed to making reference standards as widely available as possible. By working with Distribution Partners, we are able to offer products at a competitive price, with efficient logistics, and the advantages of local service.

Horizon Diagnostics has established partnerships with the following distributors:


Metagene Pty Ltd. With over 20 years’ experience owning and managing distribution companies in the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Academic Research markets the founders of MetaGene offer our customers a dedicated and proven business model that will enhance the “buying experience”.

Contact Email admin@metagene.com.au

Free Call (Aus) 1800 788 498

Czech Republic

Czech company Bio-Consult Laboratories Ltd. and Slovak Bio-Consult Slovakia were established in 1993 and specialize in the import of products in the field of Life Science, clinical diagnostics, molecular biology and genetics.

Contact Email info@bioconsult.cz

Contact Phone +420 244 471 239


Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Denmark.

Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS
Hvidsværmervej 147
2610 Rødovre

Contact Email Claus.Larsen@electrabox.com

Contact Phone +45 44 53 62 11
Contact Fax +45 44 53 62 12


Electra-Box Diagnostica Oy is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Finland.

Electra-Box Diagnostica Oy
Lyhtytie 8
00750 Helsinki

Contact Email Jussi.Kontturi@electrabox.com or Marika.Naukkarinen@electrabox.com

Contact Phone +358 9 72 44 330
Contact Fax +358 9 72 44 331

Hong Kong

Onwon Trading Ltd. Onwon Trading Ltd are a specialist Life Science Reagents and Clinical Laboratory Reagents distributor for Hong Kong, China

Contact Email joanne@onwon.com.hk


Pronto Diagnostics Ltd. Pronto Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular diagnostic products and services, with extensive knowledge, experience and R&D capabilities in genetic analysis.

Contact Email aline@prontodiagnostics.com


Diatech Pharmacogenetics Pharmacognetics and pharmacogenomics have introduced a dramatic and still ongoing revolution in the fight against cancer. Diatech Pharmacogenetics is the unique company in Italy focusing its research efforts on pharmagonenetics, the science that studies the genetic variation that effects response to drugs, as well as underpins understanding on what side effects are likely to occur (personalised medicine).

Contact Email Davide.DeLuca@diatechpharmacogenetics.com


Riken Genesis Among advances in the field of genomic medicine, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) research has attracted the most attention in recent years. RIKEN GENESIS has been established as a RIKEN venture company to take over the technologies developed by RIKEN, which acted as an international driving force for this research.

Contact Email hdx@rikengenesis.jp


Electra-Box Diagnostica A/S is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Norway.

Electra-Box Diagnostica A/S
Strandveien 6
3050 Mjøndalen

Contact Email Andrey.Sokolov@electrabox.com

Contact Phone +47 32237950
Contact Fax +47 32237949


Slovak Company Bio-Consult Slovakia and Czech Bio-Consult Laboratories Ltd. were established in 1993 and specialize in the import of products in the field of Life Science, clinical diagnostics, molecular biology and genetics.

Contact Email info@bioconsult.sk

Contact Phone +421 (02) 20 661 336

South Korea

Reference Biolabs Inc. (RBL) was established as a bio-pharmaceutical company aims to develop novel biologics and diagnostics of unmet medical need. RBL has been working as the pathology core facility of Seoul National University and provided high quality pathology analysis services to researchers and drug development companies. In addition, RBL also provides diverse diagnosis services to domestic hospitals based on our fully integrated molecular genetics analysis system. The Clinical & CRO Center offers diverse biological analysis and diagnosis services based on histology, molecular genetics and immunology to customers from academia, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and national R&D institutes. RBL also supports the development of customized diagnostic systems. The Clinical & CRO Center provides GLP/non-GLP grade services. RBL is one of the premium service providers of the Global Standards.

Contact Email rbiolabs@rbiolabs.com


Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS is a distributor of in-vitro laboratory products in Sweden.

Electra-Box Diagnostica ApS
Solkraftsvägen 18B
135 70 Stockholm

Contact Email Tony.Bjoern@electrabox.com or Lisa.Gustafsson@electrabox.com

Contact Phone +46 8 448 73 70
Contact Fax +46 8 712 65 09

Please contact your local distribution partner directly.

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