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Genomic DNA

Horizon Diagnostics is able to deliver larger genomic DNA scale projects up to 5g, including single or multiple mutant/normal blends.  Below outlines the production price, not including aliquoting or packaging.  This pricing is intended to provide guidance only. Final costing is subject to formal quotation on a project by project basis.

Genomic DNAMutant DNA
(USD Price)
Wild type DNA
(USD Price)
Per µgPer ngPer 5µgPer ng
Up to 40µg





40µg +





500µg +







Horizon Diagnostics is able to deliver entire FFPE blocks of single or multiple cell lines. Each block is capable of yielding up to 1000 sections.  Blocks can be manufactured using Horizon cell lines, or cell lines from other sources such as international cell banks.  If cell lines are sourced outside of Horizon, additional characterization must be performed to adapt the manufacturing process to that specific cell line.

What Description List Price*
FFPE Block, single cell line FFPE block, dPCR validation using Horizon approved cell line $20,000
FFPE block, multiple cell lines FFPE block, dPCR validation, using up to five Horizon approved cell lines $33,500
*Discounts are available for multiple units


Other customization options are available:

  • Multicore blocks
  • Blocks adapted for microscopy applications

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.

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