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Why Horizon

Horizon’s value to customers and partners alike, comes from the strength of our basic science and translational research knowledge. This expertise when deployed in combination with best-in-class translational genomics platforms, products and services allows us to provide meaningful solutions to the challenges of translational researchers.

Our commercial offering consists of the following:

  • Custom generation of genetically defined cell lines
  • Genetically defined cell lines and reporter gene cell-based assay kits
  • Contract assay development and compound profiling services
  • Target identification and validation services
  • Drug discovery alliances 
  • Generation and supply of genomic reference materials

Horizon is proud to serve several hundred organizations engaged in bio-pharmaceutical process optimization, drug discovery and development, and clinical diagnostic development.

Horizon is the leading life science company supplying research tools to organisations engaged in genomics research and the development of personalised medicines

The Company is a trusted supplier of genetically-defined cell lines, reporter gene assay kits, genomic reference standards and contract research services to organizations engaged in bio-pharmaceutical process optimization, drug discovery & development, and clinical diagnostic development. Horizon aspires to provide science-driven research solutions that lead to the advancement in the understanding of the genetic basis of disease and the delivery of better healthcare outcomes for patients.

Mission Statement

  • Unlock the promise of the human genome project for the benefit of scientific researchers, patients and society
  • Provide powerful research tools to advance the development of personalized medicines
  • Enable the more efficient and cost-effective manufacture of biological drugs in optimized bio-processing cell lines
  • Support better healthcare outcomes for patients and better economic outcomes for drug developers and healthcare payers
  • Enable implementation of error-free companion diagnostic regimens to ensure the right drug is administered to the right patient


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